Each year in the United States, at least 2 million people become infected with bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics and at least 23,000 people die as a direct result of these infections. Many more people die from other conditions that were complicated by an antibiotic-resistant infection.

The Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) is committed to promoting improved antibiotic prescribing behaviors among 44,000 of the nation’s hospitalists. As part of this commitment SHM has launched the “Fight the Resistance” awareness campaign in conjunction with the Get Smart campaign from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC).

Help Increase Awareness About Antibiotic Resistance by Displaying the Posters Below in Your Hospital!

View the Recorded Fight the Resistance Campaign Kickoff Webinar from November 10,2015 to Learn More. View Recorded Webinar

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The campaign consists of a series of three posters. SHM encourages hospitalists and other hospitalist clinicians to display the posters in their hospitals to help promote the awareness and dialogue about improving antibiotic prescribing.

Call in the Troops!

It Takes a Team. Identify opportunities to engage with all hospital-based clinicians to improve antibiotic stewardship in your hospital.

Stop the Enemy. Don't Overprescribe.

Pay attention to appropriate antibiotic choice, resistance patterns and identify mechanisms to educate providers on overprescribing in your hospital.

Rethink Your Antibiotic Treatment Time Course.

Consider the Following: Adhere to Antibiotic Treatment Guidelines * Track the Day * Set a Stop Date * Re-evaluate Therapy * Streamline Therapy * Avoid Automatic Time Courses.

SHM aims to facilitate culture change related to appropriate antibiotic prescribing. The posters are designed to create high-impact reminders of what most hospitalists and hospitalist clinicians already know.


Eric Howell: "It’s time to change how we prescribe antibiotics in America’s hospitals, and you can help today."

View the video on Medscape !

In a new CDC Expert Commentary available on Medscape, SHM Senior Physician Advisor Eric Howell encourages all hospital-based staff to Fight the Resistance by working as a team, paying attention to appropriate antibiotic choice and rethinking antibiotic treatment time course. And, of course, to download the posters from this website and display them in their hospitals.

See how Kindred Hospital is helping to Fight the Resistance.

SHM’s Fight the Resistance Kickoff Webinar

Additional Resources

Antibiotic Stewardship related to Prescribing and Use

Authors: Cynthia Korzelius, MD and Amit Desai, MD

With the increased risk of complicated conditions such as C. difficile on the rise, hospitalists have an increasing responsibility to practice safer prescribing habits when it comes to antibiotics. Practicing antibiotic stewardship is key to Fighting the Resistance!

This 1-page, full color 8.5"x11" fact sheet provides recommendations for promoting safe antibiotic prescribing as well as appropriate and necessary treatment recommendations for antibiotic use.

Rethinking Antibiotic Treatment Time Course

Authors: Kate Gibson, MD, Vandad Yousefi, MD and Suhel Patel, MD

Avoiding unnecessary antibiotic use and rethinking antibiotic treatment time courses can help decrease the eminent threat of drug-resistant bacteria. Hospitalists and hospital clinicians must Fight the Resistance and work to improve treatment time courses in the hospital setting.

This 1-page, full color 8.5"x11" fact sheet provides recommendations for avoiding unnecessary antibiotic use and rethinking your antibiotic treatment time course.

Importance of Hospitalists working as members of a Multidisciplinary Team

Author: Melhim Bou Alwan, MD

Engaging a multidisciplinary team of hospital clinicians to collaborate on an antimicrobial stewardship program is a key component to Fighting the Resistance!

This 1-page, full color 8.5"x11" fact sheet provides tips on how to successfully form a multidisciplinary antimicrobial stewardship team.

Case Study Submission

The Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) is publishing a series of case studies designed to facilitate an understanding of Antimicrobial Stewardship programs and policies in hospitals around the country. 

SHM invites individuals to submit case studies drawn from real life experiences, successes and challenges related to implementing a stewardship program or policies. Case studies will be peer reviewed and approved by SHM's Health Quality and Patient Safety Antimicrobial Stewardship Subcommittee. They will be published electronically and distributed through the "Fight the Resistance" website, with copyright retained by the authors.

These case studies will be invaluable in stimulating dialogue around this critical issue and serving as teaching tools for implementing an antimicrobial stewardship program or policy in your hospital.

Case Study Requirements

  • 500 - 1500 word summary with references;
  • Video submissions will also be accepted (example). Videos must be five minutes or less.

Case studies should follow this general format:

  • Hospital Profile — set the scene and provide evidence for the case
  • Problem/Challenge/Needs Identified — describe the case
  • Program Planning
  • Implementation
  • Experience to date/Outcomes — discuss lessons learned/difficulties experienced


SHM’s Fight the Resistance Antimicrobial Stewardship Campaign Kickoff Recorded Webinar from November 10, 2015.

“Fight the Resistance” is a new behavior change campaign from the Society of Hospital Medicine intended to encourage appropriate prescribing and use of antibiotics in the hospital. View the Recorded Webinar

#FightTheResistance on Social Media

Thanks to all who participated in SHM’s #FightTheResistance photo contest and demonstrated such enthusiasm and support for the campaign. Congratulations to all winners! Each and every participant played a key role in spreading the word about improving antibiotic stewardship in America’s hospitals.

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